Winchester Foundation Alumni Profiles: Ashleigh Sercombe

Empowering Dreams: Ashleigh Sercombe’s Journey with Winchester Scholarship 

Ashleigh Sercombe, a determined and compassionate individual hailing from Mackay, Queensland, embodies the spirit of resilience and achievement fostered by the Winchester Foundation. Her story is one of perseverance, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence in the face of adversity. 

Growing up in Mackay alongside her parents and twin sister Lisa, Ashleigh’s family background reflects hard work and determination. Her mother, and her father, instilled in Ashleigh and Lisa the value of education and the importance of seizing opportunities. 

Ashleigh and her sister became the first in their family to attend university, a testament to their commitment to breaking barriers and pursuing higher education. The Winchester Scholarship played a pivotal role in alleviating financial strains, allowing both sisters to pursue their academic aspirations concurrently. 

Reflecting on the challenges she would have faced without the support of the Winchester Foundation, Ashleigh acknowledges the significant financial burden that would have impacted her family’s ability to afford university education for both herself and her sister. 

One of Ashleigh’s proudest moments in her education journey was overcoming health difficulties while pursuing her Master’s in Traumatology alongside her full-time work as a doctor. Despite facing setbacks, her determination prevailed, and she was awarded a distinction—an achievement that speaks volumes about her resilience and dedication to excellence. 

As an advocate for rural and regional students, Ashleigh offers invaluable advice: “Don’t be afraid of change; the most growth comes from the unknown.” Her words inspire the next generation to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and personal development. 

Looking ahead, Ashleigh envisions herself working as a General Surgeon with a specialisation in breast and endocrine surgery, aiming to make a difference in the lives of women affected by breast cancer through reconstructive surgery. Her dream career reflects her compassion, dedication, and desire to contribute positively to society. 

Outside of her academic pursuits, Ashleigh finds solace and inspiration in the Bridgerton Soundtrack, and her thirst for knowledge is evident in her recent read, Last’s Anatomy. 

Ashleigh Sercombe’s journey from Winchester Scholarship recipient to aspiring General Surgeon exemplifies the transformative power of education and the vital support provided by the Winchester Foundation. Her story serves as a beacon of hope for rural and regional students striving to achieve their dreams against all odds. 

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