ICPA (Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association) Qld Annual Conference 6 & 7 June 2023

ICPA Qld is a voluntary and apolitical not-for-profit organisation with 45 branches in Queensland and over 1200 member families. These members encompass a broad range of families living in regional, rural and remote areas often with preschool children or students attending state schools or boarding schools. They also include children attending Schools of Distance Education, as well as families with students in the tertiary phase of their education.  

ICPA family members are passionate about ensuring their children don’t miss out on educational opportunities due to their geographical isolation. The association is also fortunate to have many members who are Friends of ICPA Qld. For example, boarding schools, state schools and other organisations or interested parties who support rural and remote education across Qld, including the Winchester Foundation.  

The association was formed in 1971 by a group of parents who were desperate for help when the boarding hostel in Bourke, NSW was threatened with closure. From that point, the association grew rapidly and became a means of addressing an urgent problem in harsh and depressing rural economic times.  

The ICPA is a highly effective, rural-based educational lobby group across Australia. 

The Winchester Foundation is a diamond sponsor for the conference.    

For more information on applying for a scholarship or making a donation, please send us an email. We’d love to hear from you!

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